Five super simple ways to connect deeper to your dance and improve your movement aesthetics.

Trace: Trace the pole, the floor, your body, and your environment to deepen your engagement both in your dance and with your audience.

Eye Contact: Dancers who aren’t afraid to meet the eyes of their audience exude a special confidence. The use of your eyes helps tell your story, show emotion, and connect you to your movement.

Use Your Head: Don’t keep a rigid head/neck. Your head and neck should flow as an extension of your movement and makes a significant impact on your visual performance.

Busy Hands: Similar to your head, your limbs are an immense part of your storytelling. Engaging hand movement alone can take a novice move from basic to advanced in the visual realm. “A busy hand is a pretty hand.”

*For more on hand shapes and positioning: “Pole Dance Tutorial: Learn How to Create Your Own Unique Walk Style(@06:12)

Slow Down: Own your movement. Seize the moment and everything you are experiencing. Slow it way down; savor and prolong each articulation.

Happy dancing! 💃✨



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