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15 Strength Exercises For Pole Dancers

Sooooo many of you have asked me for this so here it is – a quick list of some of the best training exercises I use for building strength in pole dance. This is just a simple list as there are many variations of each move that can be incorporated to match the practitioner’s strength […]

4 Day Floorwork Challenge! Join Me (NO POLE NEEDED) Beginner Dance Tutorials

Grab your kneepads, push your couch aside, and let’s get learning! Here are four non-pole (no pole needed) floorwork tutorials for absolute beginners. Each movement and lesson will build upon the previous so follow along from beginning to end.   Needed materials: knee pads and a little space to move around, preferably on a hard […]

Sit With Your Storm

One thing I didn’t anticipate when I first began pole dancing was the healing aspects. Humans are complex, emotional beings. Getting stuck in any one emotion is unhealthy. We cycle through states and energies and when we cannot, for whatever reason, move through an emotion, it can become painful and disruptive to our lives. I’ve […]

Choreographing Movements Through This Freestyle We Call Life.

Nature, my dance studio, every step, every breath is my temple and movement is my prayer.  ✨   Many years ago it occurred to me that I am ALWAYS dancing. This was actually a bit of an epiphany for me.   As a middle-aged woman with several years of pole dancing under my garter I […]

It’s Not About Seducing Men, It’s About Embracing Womanhood #SundayBumday

I’m a pole dancer so it comes as no surprise that people often misinterpret what it is I actually do. Some envision an elegant and athletic Cirque du Soleil high-flying act, others grinding stripper finesse in 10-inch platform heels. Both are great and neither defines pole dance. That’s the great thing about pole – its […]

Anatomy Of A Pole Dance Shoe

There are a variety of reasons a pole dancer wears shoes or boots while practicing and dancing from aesthetics to functionality. Wearing high heels accentuates the muscle tone in the legs as well as makes the wearer’s legs appear longer. In addition to elongating the legs, wearing heels defines the calves, lifts the glutes, extends […]

Family Polerskating : Ava Madison

We gifted little man rollerblades – he loves them! It being winter and all, I told him he could try them out in the studio. After an hour or so he made me promise to make a Polerskating video with him the next day. Now, normally my son is a bit slow to wake up […]

5 Simple Movements That Will Improve Your Pole Dancing

Five super simple ways to help you connect more deeply to your dance and improve your movement aesthetics:   1.) Trace: Trace the pole, the floor, your body, and your environment to deepen your engagement both in your dance and with your audience.   2.) Eye Contact: Dancers who aren’t afraid to meet the eyes […]

The Shell Must Break For The Bird To Fly : Dancing With Authenticity

The Shell Must Break For The Bird To Fly… Healing through movement and dancing with authenticity is something I write (and think) a lot about. My favorite way to dance is freestyle movement to some great music – a piece I’m really feeling at the moment. I believe that as dancers we are also actresses/actors in the […]

New Moonlight Monroe Patreon Only Video!

Just Posted! A new patron-only video is now up on my Patreon! Working some ooey-gooey flowy shape-making into my day… Not yet a patron? Come on over, support my art, and receive exclusive content! There are currently tons more privately posted videos and content available only to my Patreon members! I hope to see you […]

Guide To Becoming ‘Woman’ & A Reconnection To The Feminine Divine

One is not born, but rather becomes a woman. As women, we intrinsically step into our power. Bound to the cycles of nature we become acutely aware of the deep and complex connections of living and attune to the feeling of being centered and likewise when we get knocked off balance, feel untethered, fall into […]