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Choreographing Movements Through This Freestyle We Call Life.

Nature, my dance studio, every step, every breath is my temple and movement is my prayer.  ✨


Many years ago it occurred to me that I am ALWAYS dancing. This was actually a bit of an epiphany for me.


As a middle-aged woman with several years of pole dancing under my garter I was feeling the inevitable wear and tear of my body and concern around the inescapable demise of my physical capabilities. I remember vividly, standing in my kitchen, thinking “why can’t I just dance forever?” Then BAM (like epiphanies do) it struck me – I AM, and always will be, forever dancing! I am continually choreographing (consciously or unconsciously) my movements through this freestyle called life.


“Once your life is a conscious process, being blissful is natural, moving towards liberation is inevitable.” – Sadhguru


Much of our physical and mental movement as a human is flowing in unconsciousness – that is to say we are oftentimes on autopilot. The more conscious we make our movements the more insight, influence, control, compassion, peace, and grace we achieve access to.


The development of deep awareness we train so diligently in our movement practices applied to the common movements of our daily living is the difference between conscious and unconscious living and is massively transformative. It’s about getting rooted in being, instead of lost in your mind. We put so much focus and attention on our movements when we dance then oftentimes slide into autopilot as we leave the dance floor.


The connection I made in my epiphany moment, standing in the kitchen, was the bridging of a spiritual timeline for me. The derivative of my pain was (the thought of) not being able to ‘hit the high notes’ – no longer being youthful, able, and capable of performing the X, Y, and Z that I currently am – of maintaining a peak. In practice (movement) maintaining a peak is not only impossible but also detrimental, an oxymoron, against nature, and is completely ignoring the larger picture. The peak is the smallest portion of the mountain and does not exist without its foundation.


We are all choreographing our movements through this freestyle we call life. How engaged we are in conscious movement is oftentimes what sets us apart. Your level of engagement is dependent on your level of consciousness.


If you are moving unconsciously you not only miss out on all the juicy bits of life that are all around us but you can do some serious damage to yourself and others. Choosing our movements, our actions (or lack thereof) is altering much more than our human consciousness could understand. Our personal subconscious and human history are written through our movements.


Years of bringing that intention and awareness back to my body whenever I noticed I’ve strayed has been transformative. Whenever I stray, I make it a point of bringing that awareness back to my body – my movements.


Movement ultimately becomes our wish or prayer upon the world; a whisper, sometimes a wave, but a resonation that reverberates affecting the course of society and our planetary course.


How you move matters, greatly.


So ask yourself: how consciously are you moving?


You are dancing ALL the time.
Move in grace, with purpose and intention.
Give each moment the space and recognition it deserves.
Savor without grasping.
Let it flow through you.
You are the choreographer.

💜 Ava

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