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Over the next four days I will be sharing (one per day) my four most commonly asked for non-pole (no pole needed) floor work tutorials. Each movement and lesson will build upon the previous so follow along from beginning to end.


Needed materials: knee-pads and a little space to move around, preferably on a hard floor (carpet will do, but will make certain movements more difficult to perform).



Day 1: Floor Crawl (Just what it sounds like – a refinement of a dance crawl. 🚼)

Day 2: Sexy Slide (Bring your slippery serpentine vibes. 🐍)

Day 3: Booty Bops (SO much fun. πŸ‘)

Day 4: Caterpillar / Scorpion Kick Up (Kick @ss fun. πŸ’₯)


Here is day 1: the floor crawl.

Happy creating/moving. Feel free to post any questions below!

πŸ’œ Ava

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