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I’m Now On Patreon!

Six years ago I created and shared my first YouTube video. With over 1,000 public videos shared, it’s time for me to take the next step on my journey and move to a more private platform where I can focus most on all the beautiful people who support my art – YOU!

Therefore I have created a Patreon account where, from now on, I will be posting not only all the content you are accustomed to seeing from me but also an entirely new range and depth of musings.

Over these six years, I’ve accumulated a pretty large bucket list of videos (& series) I want to create, articles I endeavor to finish writing, and ideas I wish to see come to fruition. It’s time for me to step into a more private platform where I can spend my time creating and focusing on quality pieces with value for the people who support my art.

Though it’s time for me to make the next step in my journey, at the end of the day, you don’t have to become a patron; I will still release regular content on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. but by joining, you will be receiving an entirely new level of content, all of which will be exclusive to Patreon supporters only AND you will be directly supporting my art and ability to continue creating and improving for all of you while getting some pretty cool rewards in return!

Thank you and I hope to chat with you on Patreon!


💜 Ava

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