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Lavender Grip Moisturizer : Lotion Recipe for Pole Dancers

A pole grip that also moisturizes your skin – crazy right?!

I remember the frustration when I first began poling. I was a huge moisturizer-er. An oil-loving, body-slathering, slick goddess of hydration but when pole came into my life the oil had to go and I was lost on how to stay moisturized and still stick to my pole on training days.

Today I’m going to share with you a recipe I created years ago for an easy, low-cost, homemade moisturizing pole grip. Now I know this sounds like a total oxymoron but I’ve been using it for years and this recipe not only gives me dewy, hydrated skin but it also actually helps me stick to the pole.

After spending hundreds of dollars on moisturizers and grip aids in my quest for the perfect pole dancer’s blend, my years of research brought me to the conclusion that I could easily (and for much less money) create my own. I’ve tinkered with the ingredient levels over the years discovering that I like my mixture with an additional ingredient in the winter months for an added bang of moisture during the chilly season when my skin tends to be drier (both recipes below).

This homemade, low-cost, pole-grip moisturizer is easy to make and uses natural ingredients that are body-safe and eco-friendly.

Lavender Pole Grip Moisturizer Spray Recipe:

Pour all ingredients into a dark spray/mist bottle, and shake before use.

(The winter recipe is the same as the summer recipe but with the addition of aloe.)

Pour all ingredients into a dark spray/mist bottle – shake before use.

I like to spray mine on right after I shower. I towel dry, stand in the shower, and spray a light layer all over my body. Allow mist to air dry or rub into the skin, then wash hands before poling (this mixture is meant for your body – remove it from your hands before dancing).

  • The Thayers witch hazel ingredient can be substituted with vodka if desired.
  • Essential oil is completely optional. Use any scent you desire or leave it out completely.
  • Be sure to use distilled water – do not use tap water!
  • Make small batches that get used in approximately 1 month. To convert the mixture, simply follow a 1-part glycerin to 4-part liquid base for your batch.
  • Use a dark storage container if possible and limit sun exposure to spray/mist bottles.

Now that you’re a pseudo-certified pole chemist, enjoy and happy anti-ash, grippy poling to you!

Ava Madison Inverted Pencil Pole Dance Red Boots Fishnets

No time to make your own? Here are a few pole-friendly lotions I’ve discovered over the years that will help keep you moisturized AND keep you sticking to your pole:

Corn Huskers Lotion
Aloe Vera Gel
Aveeno Baby Lotion

Hopefully, these tips will help you get a head start on maintaining both healthy skin and a great grippy relationship with your pole.


💜 Ava

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