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Bad Pole Days And How I’ve Learned To Deal With Them After Years Of Dancing (Video & Blog Article)

I have a lot of people ask me if I ever have bad dance days; if I just look bad some days, can’t connect, feel poor about my performance, get down on myself, etc.

Today I had a shitty dance day, and here it is. Movement brimming with mental constipation where I just can’t connect to the music, can’t find that fluid state of being, can’t let go nor find myself… yeah, I have those days too.

There’s probably more static, lip-syncing, and futzing in this video than dancing but I showed up, I got a fair workout regardless and that’s what counts. The days I couldn’t count this as a win I walked away from my dance with negative undertones that would nag until I hit my next power day. Time (experience) has taught me to appreciate and value them all – ‘shitty’ days included.

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Much love and happy dancing!


💜 Ava

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