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Post Workout Essential Oil Bath Salt Recipe : DOM’s & Post Training Go To’s

Let’s talk DOM’s (and pole kisses) for a minute:

  • DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) aka the aching hell your body feels several hours to days after a good workout session.
  • Bruises (what we polers lovingly call ‘pole kisses’ created from bashing our bodies repetitively against a metal bar).

We all get them, so how can we ease the bodily pain of our physical exertions?

My go-to’s after a hard training are hot saltwater baths with essential oils (my favorite homemade recipe below & links to some of my fav’s), arnica, CBD oil, tigers balm, foam rolling, rebounding, salt massage stones, roller ball massage (well, any massage really) and my nightly ritual of a bit of time on my bed-o’-thorns (Pranamat).

I’ve considered making a video about this topic (after the holiday season) – would you be interested?

Also, I’d love to hear what your ‘post pole’ care rituals are!

Ava’s Essential Post-Pole Brine Bath Mixture:

1 cup Epsom salt

3 drops lavender essential oil

2 drops peppermint essential oil

2 drops eucalyptus essential oil

3 drops lemongrass essential oil

*Optional: add 1 glass red wine (in the belly, not the bath) for those extra special days…

Ava Madison Pole Kiss (Pole Dance Bruise)

Happy training (remember that includes proper self-care)!


💜 Ava

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