Trust Your Journey Crazy Blue Lace Agate 3 Piece Set


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Three piece ‘Trust Your Journey’ earring and necklace set handcrafted from ultra durable metals. Hand hammered and stamped high quality metals paired with three beautifully wrapped Crazy Blue Lace Agate gemstones – this ‘Trust Your Journey’ set is a one of a kind handcrafted collection.

Earring Length: 1.5 inch (plus hook)
Pendant Length: 1.5 inches
Earring Weight: 0.14 oz (each)
Necklace Weight: 0.3 oz
Stainless Steel Metals.

♥ Each order arrives gift wrapped in my signature colors.

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♥ Worldwide shipping available.

♥ I also welcome custom/studio/business/personalized orders - contact me to place a custom order.

♥ A note on the metal stamping process: Please note that due to the nature of the art, there will be slight variations to stamp placement and depth of indentation. Text is hand lettered, holes hand punched & drilled, beads hand wrapped and reclaimed metal hand bent & polished. Due to aged metals and the ‘made by human hands’ nature of each piece, there may be ‘flaws’ - this adds to the uniqueness and character of your piece! Message me with any questions!

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