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Sit With Your Storm

One thing I didn’t anticipate when I first began pole dancing was the healing aspects.

Humans are complex, emotional beings. Getting stuck in any one emotion is unhealthy. We cycle through states and energies and when we cannot, for whatever reason, move through an emotion, it can become painful and disruptive to our lives.

I’ve learned that utilizing energies and emotions to fuel my locomotion on the dance floor is not only incredibly refreshing and healing but also connects us as living, feeling beings. Dance is much more than cycling through a prescribed set of movements. A skilled dancer emotes, shares a story, and connects us all with the universal truths of the human experience. Dancers do this by feeling.

Harnessing the healing properties of ‘feelings’ involves using our emotions (the good ones and the bad ones) to fuel our movement. Through movement in this manner, we learn to move through physical sensations, experiences, and mental chatter allowing us to heal, grow, and (re)connect.

Dance presents you with a space in which you can sort through your energy.  Like a Phoenix, you defragment and evolve when you dance and movement becomes a cleansing transmutation towards forward progress.
THIS has become my favorite aspect of dance.

The rebirth.

Dance –  one of my greatest teachers.


Check out this short I created inspired by the above concept:

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